With our 15 minute features, we have endeavored to deliver fully realised films, with narrative, music soundtrack and an engaging story-line. Each feature is the result of many hours spent in the field and in post production, we don't generate any income from these projects, so if you enjoy viewing, please leave a comment, it really does mean a lot when we hear from someone who has enjoyed watching one of our films!

All the best Andy & Helen

Short features

When we started making films, we posted most of our work on the photo sharing site Flickr.At the time, the site had a 90 second limit for video clips. Editing short features to this 90 second time limit was a great way of starting to make films, it concentrates the mind on trying to create a meaningful sequence in a short time frame and allows you to experiment. Here are a few of our short films.


  1. I enjoyed viewing the two 15 mins film on the Kingfishers and the Dragronfly. They’re absolutely enthralling! Notify me of such new films. Thank you.

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