Olympus 300mm F4 Pro more observations

Well it’s still very much early days for me with the Olympus set up, and I still have a nice warm glow about the system. Thus far my only gripe is the autofocus on the E-M5 MKII. To be fair I kinda saw this coming, the E-M5 MKII is a cash saving compromise for me at the moment, as I just couldn’t bring myself to splash the cash for an E-M1 MKII which has an auto-focus system designed for sports and wildlife photography as well as the 300mm F4 Pro lens and MC-14 extender.

For example, what I’ve noticed is that with a stationary bird in reasonable light the E-M5 copes admirably and locks on without too much fuss in a manner not dissimilar to many APS-c DSLR’s, however, once the light levels drop or things start moving about, especially on a complex background the limitations of the EM5 MKII auto focus system become apparent. I’ve found myself on a few occasions having to snap the manual focus clutch in to place (which by the way is a very nice touch if you need to quickly flip into manual focus by sliding back the focus ring on the lens body), to rescue focus that the E-M5 has completely lost, but hey, I’m tracking small birds here in dense undergrowth, so let’s not be too harsh.

What is still apparent is the quality of the lens. Even when I’ve failed to hit my focus target, there is often an area in sharp focus such as the birds feet which demonstrate how sharp the lens is. It’s going to be interesting when we travel to mid Wales in a few weeks time to see how the E-M5 copes with Red Kites at the Gigrin farm Kite feeding station.

For now, I’m still happy, as long as I can stay patient until the E-m1 drops in price.

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