Kingfisher roundup

female-2014a-800I last posted about the Kingfishers on the Trent back in June, so I thought it was about time I posted an update to summarise what happened after the first nest was dug out by a badger.

Unfortunately I have to report that the badger came back and predated the second nest burrow, after which the kingfishers abandoned the nest bank . I don’t know whether the adults survived the second attack, but after it happened in early July, I have only seen a solitary adult bird within the territory, which is not a good sign.

On a more positive note, I’m happy to report that the nest site a couple of miles downstream that was abandoned a couple of years ago was once again host to a pair of Kingfishers. This nest site, opposite a viewpoint at a local nature reserve gave many people the opportunity to watch young Kingfishers learning to fish in late summer and gives me some confidence that there are a good number of birds holding winter territories ready for the 2015 breeding season, when I hope the Shugborough nest bank will be host to a breeding pair again.

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