Feeding young


After the failure of the first nest burrow, the kingfishers wasted no time excavating a new burrow. A month later andĀ for the first time this year I’ve seen fish being taken into the nest, a sure sign that the eggs have hatched and the adults are now feeding young. The new burrow is lower on the bank than the first, so I am hoping that it will be out of reach of the badger that destroyed the first nest. The location of the nest is a difficult balancing act for the kingfishers to pull off. Too high and the nest can fall victim to predators from above, but too low and the nest becomes vulnerable to flooding and other predators such as mink. It really is a dangerous business for the kingfishers.

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  1. That’s great news Andy, love the shot! the news is not so good up here in Stoke, I think someone else has ‘discovered’ the Kingfishers and the vegetation (cover) along the river bank has been trampled flat which I fear has disturbed the Kingfishers, It’s almost as though a camera club has had it’s ‘club night’ here with the amount of disturbance!!!
    I have been very busy at work and only managed to get down there this afternoon for the first time in a month, and in 2 1/2 hours I only saw the kingfisher once and that was a ‘fly past’ they are still here but no longer seem to be fishing in ‘my’ swim.
    keep up the good work

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