Fish pass & feed

Although the chicks are still a week or so from fledging, the adults behaviour seems to be shifting back towards mating. I’ve seen several fish passes, where the male brings a fish and presents it to the female, a behaviour which is a typical pre-cursor to mating. When this was happening before the first brood, the female would¬†immediately¬†eat the fish and hang around waiting for the male to bring her another, whereas now, with hungry mouths still to feed, the fish is taken straight over to the nest burrow.

I know that once the young emerge they will only be tolerated for a few days before being driven out of the parents territory. The fact that breeding behaviour is already underway suggests that this pair are not going to waste any time getting a second brood underway.

If you’re curious about what happened after the fish passing, keep checking the blog, as I have a rather special film clip coming soon.

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  1. Andy,

    That fish alignment prior to delivery was awesome.

    BTW Which lens are you using? I found this blog while searching for reviews of the Sigma 500mm f4.5. I am considering a Nikon version.

    Two years ago I photographed a Great Blue Heron spearing and then swallowing whole a huge rainbow trout. The Kingfishers with fish in mouth reminded me of that event. You can view the pictures here:

    • Hi Bruno

      I use a Canon 300mm F2.8 with 2x & 1.4x converters, a Canon 400mm f5.6 and a Canon 18-85mm kit lens for the wider shots. I used the Sigma 500mm f4.5 last year and got some great shots with it. I changed to the 300mm f2.8 as I wanted to have the flexibility of shooting at 300mm.


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