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The diary has been following the fortunes of the Shugborough Kingfisher's since 2011.

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Latest Posts

Olympus 300mm F4 Pro more observations

Well it’s still very much early days for me with the Olympus set up, and I still have a nice warm glow about the system. Thus far my only gripe is the autofocus on the E-M5 MKII. To be fair I kinda saw this coming, the E-M5 MKII is a cash saving compromise for me […]

Olympus 300mm F4 PRO first impressions

Well it’s been a while since I let my Canon big glass go due to my ageing frame complaining about carting the weight around. I’ve been using our trusty Canon 400mm F5.6 since letting the 300mm F2.8 go, however, now that Helen has fully embraced the joys of telephoto photography we decided it was time […]

Kingfishers nesting again

The breeding season is upon us again and the Kingfishers have returned to the bank at Shugborough. With last year having been blighted by 2 nest burrows being destroyed by badgers, this year I’ve fortified the top of the bank with a large metal grid. The kingfishers started their burrow early March, but after I […]

Kingfisher roundup

I last posted about the Kingfishers on the Trent back in June, so I thought it was about time I posted an update to summarise what happened after the first nest was dug out by a badger. Unfortunately I have to report that the badger came back and predated the second nest burrow, after which the kingfishers […]